A complete Saas data observability platform for data and business teams.

data catalog feature
Data Catalog
Increase data knowledge and sharing using M3 Data Catalog. Connect your datasource, search data and get data insights.
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monitor auto feature
Anomaly Detection
Monitor data volume, freshness, completeness, distinctness, uniqueness and statistical distribution in less than 5 minutes and save thousands of hours with Mango 3 predictive and adaptive algorithm that automatically create and adapt data quality rules to detect duplicate, missing, incomplete and aberrant values.
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unit tests
Custom Unit Tests
For business and data teams, Mango 3 User Interface allows users to create custom data quality rules without code in less than one minute. Use our unit test recommendation engine to save time profiling data to define quality rules.
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use case feature
Campaign Management
Create caimpaigns to easily add you data driven business tools. Link them to data observabilities and unit tests to get a live reliability scoring.
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alerts feature
Connect Mango 3 to your favourite communication channels and get alerted when an anomaly is detected.
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Plug & Play Connectors
Use our plug & play connectors to add datasources in less than 1 minute.
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user management
User Management
Manage roles & permissions (super admin, admin, contributor and viewer).
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sso login
SSO Login
Make login easy and secure to your enterprise users.
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GDPR Ready
Your data stays in your environment. We never collect your data, we only collect anomaly detection results. Our servers are all located in Europe.
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